Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019

Bit Shifter

Bit Shifter -live in San Francisco (Photo: Aja Pilapil)
Shifting bits on the Gameboy since 2002, New York City’s Bit Shifter has been among those leading the charge in the global underground movement known as chipmusic, exploring high-impact, low-res music, produced using primitive synthesis as a deliberate aesthetic choice. In a bracing distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter explores the aesthetics of economy, pushing minimal hardware to its maximum.

Co-administrator of the 8bitpeoples collective & label, and co-founder & co-curator of the international Blip Festival event series, Bit Shifter has also released music on Astralwerks, Hymen, Mirex, 555 Recordings, Data Airlines, and Ketacore, and has been fortunate enough to perform extensively around the world. His latest album Closed System Blues – his first since 2006's underground favorite Information Chase — is out now, available for streaming, for download, and on compact disc and cassette.

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