Sonntag, 22. September 2019


...aka. Gleeetch aka. Olya is a girl or cat or both(?) coming from Estonia now resident of Berlin conquering Europe for many years with a bunch of Gameboys and other lo-fi gear finally arrived at the Chip Hits The Fan festival in 2019!
The style of Oliotronix is fusing different music genres and hardware such as Gameboys, circuit bent toys, drum machines, movie, cartoon samples and dj-equipment into one mega banging DIY-rave (con)FUSION!

2.11.2019 CHIP HITS THE FAN Festival

Chip Hits The Fan 2019
-= a festival for Chiptune and DIY culture =-

2.11.2019 Künstlerhaus im KunstKulturQuartier / Königstormauer, Nürnberg

🔊 Bit Shifter (US) 
🔊 Pain Perdu (FR) 
🔊 Tokyo Apartments (IT)
🔊 Oliotronix (EE) 
🔊 DJ CypiX (DE) 

✜ VJ back to Newc45tle
✜ Gameboymusik Workshop feat. Vault Kid
✜ Retro Gaming Corner
✜ Du auf der Chip Hits The Fan Open-Stage 🔊
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✜ more more more...

...and more info soon!

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