Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019

Tokyo Apartments

Actually not from Tokyo but from Lucca/Italy (that's close to Florence) Tokyo Apartments is playing for the first time in Germany!

Active since 2015, with its faithful Gameboy DMG-01, Tokyo Apartments had open the concerts of the best international Chiptune artists. In 2016 he released his first album "Road to Tokyo" and organizes various micromusic-events with artists like cTrix, Harley Likes Music, Cymba,  Arrotenbit, Kenobit and many others. He is also the organizer of the Microcon - a convention of Chiptune artists from all over the Italian scene, which in 2020 will reach its third edition.

In 2017 Tokyo Apartments becomes an "official band" of the Lucca Comics & Games and was hired by Nintendo(!) to play the Game Boy at their official stand.
In the first months of 2020 his new and second album is planned to be released.

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